Live betting is becoming more popular among players from year to year. Live betting allows you to watch the match live and edit your bet as it progresses.

Betting Odds at NordicBet

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Nordicbet Betting

As a prominent betting company, NordicBet Casino has established itself as a leader in the field, providing players with a diverse array of sports betting options. If you have a penchant for betting, your search for a comprehensive platform ends here. Look no further than the NordicBet betting section, where you’ll discover an extensive selection of the finest sports betting opportunities available in the market.

NordicBet takes pride in offering a wide range of sports, catering to the interests of sports enthusiasts from various backgrounds. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of hockey, football, MMA, or other popular sports, NordicBet has you covered. With an impressive collection of sporting events, the platform ensures that you have abundant options to satisfy your betting cravings.

One key aspect that sets NordicBet apart is its dedication to providing an exceptional sports betting experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design create a seamless and immersive environment for bettors. Navigating different markets and finding the perfect opportunities to place your bets becomes effortless and enjoyable.

When you explore the NordicBet betting section, you’ll encounter an extensive range of odds that enable you to make informed decisions. Read more about what NordicBet betting offered below here.

How good is NordicBet betting?

NordicBet betting is simply very good. It’s hardly a surprise that the gaming platform resembles that of Betsson – it’s the same company’s website. When comparing betting sites, NordicBet rises to the very top. NordicBet’s strong investment in hockey gives it a lot of customers who can enjoy not only top odds but also lucrative promotions.

In our taste, NordicBet betting is also particularly successful in that it is easy to get a good overview of the selection. Although there are enough sports to meet the needs of more than one site, it is easy to filter out interesting matches. You can first select a sport from the menu on the left and then view items only from a specific league. The front page also often shows ads for popular and upcoming matches as well as other betting events. If you want to enjoy NordicBet live betting, you can only do so by clicking on the live destinations. 

Multiple bet types

NordicBet betting does not restrict the different types of bets . If we take football, for example, then the selection includes many other types of bets in addition to the winner of the match. For example, you can bet on these:

  • Who will score the first goal?
  • What is the Half Time Result?
  • How many corner kicks or the like will there be (over / under)?

If you click on a specific match or event, you will see all available bet types at once. Please note that not all bets will be available at the time the match moves to the live betting side. For example, you can’t usually bet on the player who scores the first goal if the match has already been whistled. 

At NordicBet, it’s easy to find out about the different types of bets through offers for blue and white bettors. For example, many risk-free bet offers first require betting on a specific item and bet type.

Nordicbet live betting

Live betting is becoming more popular among players from year to year. Live betting allows you to watch the match live and edit your bet as it progresses. NordicBet live betting is well organized and all you have to do is click on “Live Betting” or “Live Now” to see all live betting. In this section you can then divide the items by sport or view all the odds for individual matches.

Understanding live betting is pretty easy. It is a form of play in which the odds are constantly alive as a result of the events of the match. If a football team takes the lead, its odds will clearly fall. At the same time, the odds of the opposing team go up. If you believe a team that is left in the bottom line can turn a match, this is the perfect opportunity to bet on it.



Register at NordicBet by filling in the personal information requested in the form.



Make a deposit of at least €10 and choose your betting bonus.



You can find your bonus in the bonus section of your game account. You can use your bonus money immediately after making a deposit!

Nordicbet Betting Bonus

NordicBet Bet Builder

Have you ever heard of NordicBet Bet Builder? This is a special feature developed by NordicBet that allows you to build your own odds . Bet Builder is a lot like a regular combination bet, you just have a lot more freedom. Right now, this feature is only available for football matches, but we hope it will arrive at hockey and other sports soon.

The idea behind Bet Builder is to be able to add multiple game options from the same match to the same coupon. That means your chances of winning are okay if you believe you can accurately predict the events of a particular match. Start by going to Bet Builder and then selecting a match. Then you can simply choose the odds that interest you. For example, you can bet on the scorers and whether the number of corner kicks goes above or below the selected line. Once you have completed your coupon, you will be able to view the odds offered. After that, you can decide for yourself whether you want to place a bet or not.

This is a really easy-to-use feature that even a novice bettor is sure to use. Bet Builder is recommended for all bettors who know a particular team very well or otherwise believe they can predict what will happen in a particular match. Bet Builder could be called bookmaker, but the name has not yet become commonplace. The same goes for Bet Builder itself, which is available on a really few sites. We will continue to follow its development with great interest.  


Cash-out is another of NordicBet’s betting activities that are relatively new invention. It is more common on Bet Builder on other sites than NordicBet. Cash-out is a bit like live betting, where you have to constantly monitor the progress of the item. If the situation looks good, you can make a “cash-out” or redeem your winnings in the middle of a bet. You will not receive the full amount of the winnings, but you can make sure you stay on the winning side. If the team you bet on takes the lead in the match, there may be a good opportunity to sell the coupon for a certain percentage of the promised profit. If you don’t think the team will last until the final whistle, take the money and run.

The same works the other way around. If the team you bet on loses, you can sell your bet and get back as part of your initial bet. The situation is therefore similar to NordicBet live betting. You need to track the cash-out value of your coupon and sell it at just the right moment.

NordicBet streams

Isn’t it perfect that you can watch matches at the same time as you bet or view NordicBet’s live odds? This opportunity is provided by NordicBet streams, which allow a large proportion of matches to be broadcast live on the site. Streaming requires a login and money in a game account, or alternatively a bet on the Stream item. You can watch a list of all the current live streams in the Live Veto section by clicking the small play button. The same play icon will always appear next to the matches that can be watched live on the site. 

Watching a match via a moving image gives you a better overview of how it is going. It facilitates live betting with the odds you see in front of you all the time. You can even watch matches on the bus or outside your own home, as NordicBet’s live streams also work great on mobile. If you have a Wi-Fi or other high-speed mobile connection, you can play on the site and use its features just as you would on a computer. If a live stream isn’t available, you’ll usually see at least a virtual show of the match. It allows you to follow the events of a specific match in real time.

NordicBet Odds on Other Destinations

Are you one of those players who would like to try betting but don’t care about sports? Or are you just looking for a little variation alongside football and snowshoeing? Whatever your situation, at NordicBet you can bet on many different events. What, for example, would sound like a bet on a Eurovision winner? It is music events like Eurovision that are usually popular with bettors. On the other hand, political targets such as betting on the presidential election are also available. The U.S. presidential election is being watched with great interest around the world, and you can make it even more exciting by hitting money on behalf of the winner. Different odds are usually offered for the Scandinavian Parliamentary elections as well. In other words, NordicBet also has a lot to offer outside of sports.